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The secret to youth, health and longevity


Why our stem cell treatment? 


We use live cells, not frozen from an internationally qualified stem cell bangking and a lab resource to ensure that only the highest quality stem cells are used in your treatment.

The laboratory is 

- exceeded industry standard certified by National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) to ensure the maintenance of high standards and quality program.

- equipped with an ISO Class 7 cleanroom ( the gold standard for a stem cell processing laboratory with contantly monitored pressure, humidity and temperature.

-featured with automated equipment to isolate and preserve stem cells ( with a cell recovery rate of 99% - highest in the industry) and an advanced lab information system removing human error from the process

-under cryopreservation system using vaporized nitrogen preventing of cross-contamination or exposure to disease. This technique is certified under the European Union's Medical Device Directive.

- The treatment is only administered and supervised by an experienced doctor.

- is with a certification of analysis related to the specific stem cells that have been used in the guest treatment.

Whole Body Rejuvenation


The aging process is associated with a decline in the number of stem cells, which are the source of regenerative potential for damaged tissue or worn-out cells.

An approach based on replenishing stem cells in the body can slow down aging, improve health and may increase life expectancy.

Joints & Knees Regeneration 


Stem cell therapy for joint and knees are a minimally invasive procedure that has the potential to decrease inflammation, halt the progression of the arthritic damage, repair joint cartilage, and delay or avoid knee replacement surgery.


Facial Rejuvenation


Cell rejuvenation therapy for facial is a non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure that harnesses the science of stem cells to make the body create more collagen and fill in tissues with healthy blood flow, resulting in a glowing, youthful appearance without going under the knife to get rid of other early or moderate signs of aging.