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 Precision health and wellness to promote healthy living, wellness and graceful aging 


KRU Precision Wellness is a getaway experience with intimate settings, perfect for energizing  and pure relaxation. 


  Rebalance, rejuvenate and reset yourself with the essence of nature


 We aim to make you feel completely at ease by surrounding you with the soothing scenery of nature amidst the tropical greenery. 
Start planning your customized health and wellness holiday with us. 



Transform your health with  hospitality to feel at home

Bringing together the best of treatments in a lush rainforest setting, our team focuses on achieving serenity and relaxation amongst an environment. Then you return home rejuvenated.


KRU Precision Wellness offers you more than just treatment, we offer the guidance to rediscover your soul and achieve your best self.



Our programmes are offered in a flexible approach where guests can either choose to take a fully immersive programme or take advantage of a shorter duration experience that allows plenty of time for family and friends.